Sample Menu of Monthly Subscription Meal Plan

Freezer Meals

Salsa Chicken

Pulled Pork and Corn-On-The-Cob

Baked Ziti

Bean and Cheese Burritos

Mild Cajun Chicken and Dirty Rice 


Fresh Meals Week One

Turkey Taco Bowls 

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese

Turkey Bacon Avocado Club Open Face Sandwich

Sheet Pan Pizza

Honey-Garlic Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs with Roasted Asparagus

Fresh Meals Week Two

Chicken Parmesan Wrap 

Homemade Sloppy Joes and Sweet Potato Fries

Frittata with Bacon

Pesto Chicken and Veggies

Beef Fried Rice

Fresh Meals Week Three

Layered Fiesta Salad

Linguine in Fresh Tomato Sauce

Pizza-Inspired Sliders with Fresh Vegetables

Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

Vegetarian Quesadillas

Fresh Meals Week Four

Chili Mac Casserole

Steak Cobb Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

Omelet Muffins with Fruit Salad

Spinach, Tomato and Mozzarella Pasta Salad with Rotisserie Chicken

Old-Fashioned Stuffed Bell Peppers

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Our meal plan includes:

  • 20 dietitian reviewed fresh ingredient meal recipes
  • 5 dietitian reviewed freezer meal recipes
  • Step-by-step freezer meal assembly instructions
  • Easy-to-use weekly shopping lists
  • Cancel your subscription at any time

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  • 30 meals with 4-6 servings each
  • 10 recipes
  • A detailed shopping list
  • Step-by-step instructions to assemble all the meals
  • Detailed cooking instruction cards

What Are Our Customers Saying About Our Meal Plans?

"I can't decide which is more of a life-saver: having ready to go freezer meals to make dinners effortless or having my shopping list made for me each week! Simply game-changing."

-Nikki Nwobodo

"After years of the daily dreaded question, "What's for dinner?" I finally have an easy solution. I LOVE how practical and easy these meals are. I have picky children and unlike the more costly meal planning subscription I USED to have, these meals have ingredients my kids will actually eat. These are so time - saving and much more affordable that I canceled my other subscription. I am so very thankful that Gwen is offering this service and as a bonus, a registered dietitian is involved in the creation of the menus! I get so excited when I get the email that I have a new menu. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-Yasmin Chapman

"Eating Together has helped take the stress out of meal planning for my family. Too often we were having the 'dinner' discussion after long days of work only to find ourselves in a drive thru because it was easier. Now we can take the meal plans set to us monthly, make one grocery trip and have meals for the entire month."

-Chad Burgman

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Our Story

I'm a busy mom that was spending hours each week searching for great recipes on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Then another hour putting together a grocery list. You know the drill, trying to juggle kids, work, and feeding my family relatively healthy meals that don't take all night to make. Many of my professional organizing clients were struggling with the same challenges. There had to be a better way!

So, I started a meal planning and freezer meal class locally. It gained popularity, but I knew that I could help more people. I realized that by sharing my meal plans with other busy families, like yours, it could help by saving you money, lowering your stress, and letting you spend time on what matters most, your family. From this Eating Together was born.

Over time our product has evolved from a paper handout to a digital meal plan delivered to your inbox each month. We were incredibly excited when Anna joined our team and started providing a dietitian review and modifications to the recipes each month. Thanks to her modifications, you have the option to make most of the meals gluten free, dairy free, and/or low carb. The PDF you receive contains dietitian reviewed recipes for 20 fresh ingredient meals and 5 freezer meals. I've also compiled the grocery list for you for each week. Not excited about one of the recipes? It's super simple to remove any ingredients for a recipe that you're not interested in trying.

I'm so excited that my meal plan is now helping hundreds of families in over 10 countries! Is your family ready to start Eating Together?

-Gwen French

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Our Team

Meet Gwen.

Gwen French is a Professional Organizer, entrepreneur, busy mom, and the creator behind Eating Together. She founded Central Texas Professional Organizers in 2019 to pursue her dream of creating simple organized solutions for busy families. Gwen honed her skills in organization and task management through her 11-year teaching career as well as years of helping friends and family take back their space by decluttering and redesigning. Along with helping people organize physical spaces, she is also very passionate about helping families stay mentally organized. This led to local meal planning and freezer meal classes.

Eating Together grew from these classes. She recognized the unique opportunity to help families outside of her community save money, save time, reduce stress, and spend more time eating together with the people they love. She's absolutely ecstatic that the plan is now helping hundreds of families in over 10 countries.

Meet Anna.

Anna Sartin, is a valuable part of our meal planning team. She is a Registered Dietitian and is the owner of Around the Table Nutrition in Temple, TX.  Anna has a passion for families eating healthy meals together and she specializes in helping families with child nutrition problems such as picky eating, and unhealthy behaviors with eating. and difficulties with family meals.  She has completed extensive training to be well-equipped to help families, including a degree in nutrition from Oklahoma State University, dietetic internship through the University of Houston, and child nutrition specialist training with the Ellyn Satter Institute.

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